Cayden's Curry Co.

While growing up in the Hill Country of Texas, one of my husband's favorite meals was his Mom's Chicken Curry. Grady enjoyed it often with his relatives and after getting married, the recipe soon became a favorite in our house as we settled down with hopes of starting a family.

Almost twelve years later and after nearly giving up on having any children, my husband and I were blessed with our miracle son Cayden in 2015.

It wasn't long before Cayden began eating whole foods and we quickly introduced him to the delicious chicken curry. Only two problems. First off I was gluten sensitive and Cayden could only handle moderate doses of dairy and unfortunately the original recipe was loaded with both.

This dilemma turned into nearly three years of mad-scientist testing trying to figure out a way to keep chicken curry just as scrumptious as the original but with a much healthier twist. Well our patience was finally rewarded and later that same year we welcomed second miracle baby Ashton to our growing curry crew.

We are proud to announce that Cayden's Curry Co. uses only the finest organic as well as gluten free ingredients and seasonings we can find.

Hope You Enjoy!

Grady, Brittney, Cayden, & Ashton

Grady is a S.E. (Sweat Equity) Partner as well as Director of Marketing for Madeline's Restaurant, Madeline's Wine Shop and Madeline's on Moonstone in beautiful Cambria, CA.

Britney owns her own hair studio Collective Beauty in Cambria, CA.

Cayden and Ashton both prefer their curry served over rice with butter crackers for scooping followed by vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce for dessert.